Loudspeaker Royalty

We are breaking in our first set of Tannoy Turnberry GR loudspeakers. Tannoy is steeped in a rich history of innovation and is well-known for exquisite traditional craftsmanship, power, and precision. They have long been one of Jeff’s favorite loudspeakers.

Tannoy Turnberry GR

“There is so much truth and neutrality to their legendary sound. They truly transport you to the music.” – Jeff Scott, DescoAV Owner

From Tannoy:

Over forty-five years on from the introduction of the world-famous Monitor Gold Dual Concentric™ driver, Tannoy has launched a new benchmark loudspeaker range; the Prestige Gold Reference. This major upgrade to the entire Prestige SE series of loudspeakers marks another significant chapter in Tannoy’s illustrious history. Gold Reference (GR) further refines the Dual Concentric™ driver concept, brings cutting-edge materials and engineering technologies to the Prestige range and leverages the sonic benefits of Deep Cryogenic Treatment. The result is a captivating and unique range of loudspeakers that further improves and refines the world-renowned acoustic excellence of Tannoy’s Prestige range.

Tannoy Turnberry GR Loudspeakers

Tannoy Turnberry GR Loudspeakers

The Turnberry GR cabinet is hand built from the finest plywood using traditional joinery methods to ensure that attention to detail and unique styling go hand in hand. A distributed port design for exemplary LF response from the 85-liter enclosure, the cabinet is finished in Prestige oiled real walnut wood veneer and complimented with solid walnut trim and edging, machined metal trim and adjustable HF power.

Give this masterpiece of Scottish craftsmanship and engineering an audition if you are an aficionado of fine music systems.