Floating Clouds for Sound Control

Large open spaces with a lot of hard surfaces are a big challenge for acoustic sound control. This is particularly true in commercial buildings where windows, doors, and art can make hanging acoustic panels on walls impossible.

Controlling the sound volume was especially difficult for one customer, Vic’s Pizzeria Wildwood. The location has a combination of hard surfaces and a high ceiling making it the perfect conduit for sound. As tables filled, the noise level would rise making it difficult for both employees and customers to hear each other.

They needed an acoustic solution that would lower noise levels, improve the overall sound experience and complement the restaurant’s design aesthetic.

Our solution: treat the ceiling by installing floating acoustic clouds by Primacoustic.

Primacoustic clouds

48-inch and 36-inch Primacoustic Cloud acoustic tiles were suspended from various heights to reduce the echo and improve the overall sound experience.

Vicoustic Cinema Round wall panels were also used throughout the space for sound absorption that doubles as a design element.

Paintable Clouds and Ceiling Tiles

Primacoustic offers a wide array of ceiling panels for all kinds of situations. Paintables™ absorptive acoustic panels include a collection of exciting shapes that can be used as ceiling clouds, baffles or wall panels to reduce reverberation and improve intelligibility.

We calculated the amount of treatment Vic’s Pizzeria would need and selected Primacoustic Cirrus Cloud Paintables.

Primacoustic paintables

Primacoustic Paintables come finished in white and can be painted to suit any décor. We used both 48-inch and 36-inch Cirrus tiles, painted to match the ceiling.

They were installed at various heights throughout the room to maximize sound absorption. The Clouds pull double duty when suspended – they trap the sound waves from the front and also capture the bounced sound waves off the ceiling through the top.

High-performance Primacoustic ceiling clouds are available in several shapes and sizes, easy to install and eliminate echo.

“It’s made all the difference in the world. I’m so glad we did these. Controlling the noise level in restaurants is always an issue. There was a long square table in the middle of the room. It would just focus all the sound. Now, the overall experience at Vic’s is so much nicer.

We’ve dropped the noise level by nearly 50%, which helped the background music sound better, improved the ability for employees to hear orders and for customers to hear their order number and have conversations.” – Dustin Carter, DescoAV Project Manager

We offer several options for acoustic treatments and are happy to help you find the right solution for your business or home.

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