Sign Us Up!

Recently a fan of the store stopped by with an idea. He wanted to start a social club for music lovers in Olympia. Rudy Barreda is a recent transplant from Seattle. He enjoyed attending listening events up north – the experience of hearing good music on high-quality equipment, meeting new people that shared his love of music, discovering new artists, and keeping up on what’s new in the Hi-Fi world. Since he couldn’t find a group to join here, he wanted to create one. Sign us up! We loved the idea and encouraged him to run with it.

We agreed to host the meetings, provide the equipment, and offered to help spread the word, but we all also decided that the meet ups should be social and driven by Rudy and club members – the Olympia Music Club was born.

Rudy Barreda and Jeffrey Scott

Right: Rudy Barreda, Founder of the Olympia Music Club. Left: Jeffrey Scott, DescoAV


Kicking back in our Listening Room

Mark Your Calendars

The first meeting up will be held here on Thursday, July 14th, at 7:00 PM.

A bonus for folks that attend the first monthly meetings is that you’ll have the opportunity to help drive the club’s evolution. Music genre nights, live performances, auditioning a new piece of equipment at a member’s house—these options and more are activities members may want the group to adopt.

Anything is possible if it contributes to the club’s purpose, chilling to some good music with friends, old and new.

Check out the Olympia Music Club on Facebook. For more information contact: [email protected].