Extreme clarity and legendary quality

We are proud to bring ultra high-end audio to the South Sound. If you are an audiophile or music lover looking for the best resolution of audio gear, you will now find Bryston on display.

Bryston has long been the darling of high-performance audio. The latest Bryston DAC (digital to analog converter), pre-amp and power amp are now in our Listening Room. This system is a knockout!

BRYSTON BDA-3 Digital to Analog Converter

The Bryston BDA-3 is a world-class DAC. (Read The Absolute Sound review). This converter delivers superb performance by re-sampling and re-clocking the digital input signal.

Bryston BDA-3 Digital to Analog Converter

BRYSTON BDA-3 Digital to Analog Converter $3,499

BRYSTON BP17³ Pre-amp

The BDP-17 Cubed Pre-amp just rolled out with an all-new improved input gain stage that lowers the noise floor and reveals the finest macro-dynamics of music.

Bryston BP17 Cubed Preamp

BRYSTON BP17³ Pre-amp $3,999

BRYSTON 4B³ Power Amp

The new 4B Cubed power amp is the most popular of the Cubed Series and delivers a whopping 300-watts per channel. Read the SoundStage! HiFi review.

Bryston 4B Cubed Power Amp

BRYSTON 4B³ Power Amp $5,699

If you want to experience true high-end audio, please come in and hear the Bryston system.  You will be amazed at the transparency, delicacy, and majesty of high-performance audio.