Racking Up Good Reviews

In the September Issue of Stereophile magazine, Kalman Rubinson dedicates five full pages to reviewing the Bowers and Wilkins 683 S2 loudspeakers. And for a good reason. These extraordinary, three-way, floorstanding, loudspeakers are at the top of their class of loudspeakers under $2,000.

“All of this technology comes at a very attractive price.” – Kalman Rubinson, Stereophile magazine

BowersWilkins-Black-683 S2

The largest speaker in the 600 Series. The B&W 683 S2 is ideal for audiophile stereo and home theater applications in larger rooms, delivering serious performance and amazing value.

More Reviews

“It took some effort to get their best in my room, but these relatively affordable B&Ws ultimately came through with a big, immediate, and generous sound.” –Thomas J Norton, Sound and Vision magazine


“The scale of the 683 Theatre’s sound and its sheer dynamism make it absurd value for money.” – Adam Rayner, Home Cinema Choice magazine


“They benefit from the technology and research that has made B&W one of the most successful firms in high-end audio for decades. They look good, too. The 683 S2s should be on the very short list for anyone seeking speakers under $2000. They will reward you with fine music whether you are an old hand or new to high fidelity audio.”– Rick Jensen, Enjoythemusic.com

European Loudspeaker System of the Year

If you want a big bang for the buck, we recommend that you audition the Bowers & Wilkins 683 S2s.