By Jeffrey Scott, Owner DescoAV

The Most Musical Subwoofers I Have Ever Heard

Not long ago, we received a phone call from one of our reps telling us that he had a friend that wanted to show us REL subwoofers.

I had always heard great things about the sound of REL subwoofers and had even recently listened to an older model at a client’s home in Lakewood.

REL Ti Subwoofer


We have great subwoofers to sell already, and in my opinion, we did not need another subwoofer line. But, I took the meeting and man, was I blown away.

These are the most musical subwoofers I have ever heard. They seamlessly integrate into a two-channel music system like no other subwoofer. Not only do they add a very deep bass response, they somehow improve the stereo image.

REL Ti Family

There are four models within the Ti series priced from $499 to $1249.

Easy Hook-Up

Subwoofers are powered bass speakers with their own integrated amplifiers. REL has come up with a hook-up method that allows the subwoofer to maintain the bass “sound” from the amplifier that is driving the high-frequency speakers. It is unique to REL and one of the reasons their sound blends so well with music speakers.

REL’s acclaimed input filters and robust amplifiers result in some of the best sounding, most reliable designs ever produced.

We are proud to have these subwoofers here at the store for your audition. We are carrying the full line of Ti subwoofers from REL.

There are four models within the range priced from $499 to $1249. An optional $299 wireless transmitter is available that works with the top three models.

Grab your favorite CD, file, or vinyl and head in for a demo!